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MANTOCO ... the adventure continues (Part 2)

The adventures of Conny & Tommy with their "Manni" (the ACTION MOBIL) continues ... Part 2 - From Ghana to Angola

Crossing Africa by motor home

Until now they travelled 90.000 km in Africa and visited 23 countries.

Travel journey from Mantoco (Connie und Tommy) 2

Travelogue (PDF in German)

Ghana – Togo – Benin – Nigeria

West Africas former Gold and Slave Coast offers unbelievingly exiting facettes. We stroll amongst Rastafarian and Voodoo, fight our way on forest tracks to perfect dream beaches and our ACTION MOBIL proves to be the perfect base camp for our first wilderness experiences.


„Afrique en miniature“, is what Cameroon is often called. Here all landscapes and cultures are present: sand dunes and rain forests, lofty mountains and Atlantic coast, Christians and Muslims, Pygmies and proud horsemen. And also many relicts from the German colonial era. Our ACTION MOBIL masters all challenges.

Gabon and Congo (2x)

Pure jungle! A green inferno during the rainy season, nature pure, and when everything comes together perfectly, the most famous (jungle) doctor Albert Schweizer and his hospital in Lambarene amidst it all. Thanks to sophisticated insolation and accurate sealing millions of malicious insects are denied entrance into our ACTION MOBIL.

Angola the first

A mix of Brazilian rhythms, Caribbean nonchalance and African chaos – we were thrilled by Angola from the very first moment! Shrill and cheerful, poor and dirty, corrupt and adorable. We are cruising in between these worlds with our ACTION MOBIL. Worlds that after forty years of civil war are slowly starting to raise again.

Angola the second

Finest of beaches, fresh fish by the bucket, sensational landscapes, horrifically horrible streets, colourful markets, deep green nature in abundance. And wherever we arrive with our ACTION MOBIL we are greeted by laughing and waving people, who are happy simply because we found our way to them.

Mantoco - more info

Six years on the road: Conny and Tommy with „Manni“ on journey through Africa. Detailed travelogues on their website:

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