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ATACAMA 7200 Arocs

ATACAMA 7200 Arocs

World traveler’s mobile home in a class of its own

ACTION MOBIL again builds the most popular construction "Atacama" on a Mercedes Arocs - this time as a 3-axle. This spacious and luxurious four-wheel drive motorhome is an eye-catcher in a class of its own and a modern 6x6 RV.

The Atacama 7200 Arocs is suitable for the most extreme areas of the planet, whether hot, waterless deserts or icy, misanthropic regions. The combination of a particularly powerful chassis with a functional, ingeniously thought-out and very comfortable body / interior will leave no trace of luxury on the track, even in extreme climatic conditions.

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The Atacama 7200 Arocs is 10.9 meters long including the ACTION MOBIL lifting device for the included motorcycle. The 7.2-meter-long cabin alone offers an incredible amount of space for the interior of the expedition vehicle including kitchen, bathroom, sitting area / living room and bedroom. The double bed is generously designed and offers enough space with 2 meters x 1.8 meters. All solid wood furniture is finished with organic glaze, the U-seat group in the rear of the vehicle is made with ALCANTARA upholstery.

A special feature of any Action Mobil vehicle is the ingeniously thought-out kitchen. The kitchen unit with tap is made of brushed stainless steel and has a granite worktop. Of course, the cutlery is installed in a 6x6 track-proof way. Electric oven with steamer function, 4-flame induction hob and dishwasher are available. A refrigerator (175 liters) and a freezer (150 liters), self-made by ACTION MOBIL, should not be missing, as is the high-end washer-dryer.

Power supply is guaranteed by six high-performance lithium-ion batteries powered by a roof-mounted solar system with 1760 watts.

If the journey around the world leads the traveler to extreme climatic conditions, Action Mobil has made sure that that physical well-being of the passengers is guaranteed: In the cold, a hot water heater including underfloor heating for pleasant warmth, in heat, a 3,200 watt air conditioning is available. There is a sophisticated alarm system as well as a water degerming treatment

Technical specifications: Atacama 7200 HD

Total length 10.900 mm
Body length 7.200 mm
Width 2.470 mm
Height 3.850 mm
Weight  ready-to-go 17.1 tons
Payload 9.9 tons
Performance 510 HP
Emission class with AdBlue shut off system (international suitability) 5
ATACAMA 7200 Arocs Cockpit 2


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Spacious Luxury Cabin

4x4 Motor Home without borders