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TEMET 5000

Discover the world in an all-wheel motor home

Discover the world’s most magnificent places in your own expedition vehicle.

The optimum expedition mobile for adventurous globetrotters

Our luxury mobile homes have been extensively tested off-road. They come with different innovative cabins fitted with the latest technology. Whether you prefer a hydraulic elevating roof, an extendable bed or a hydraulic lift for your motorcycle at the cabin’s rear – with your all-wheel drive ACTION MOBIL truck you’ll be optimally equipped for all your journeys, adventure trips or expeditions.

We invite you to have a look at our different types of all-wheel motor homes. Take the “ATACAMA” series for example which offers a flexible arrangement of your living space due to its functional and creative floor layout and its elaborate door system. We’ll be happy to include your personal ideas when manufacturing the vehicle of your dreams.

Expedition motor home for adventurous globetrotters Custom made off road and expedition motor homes



ACTION MOBIL is always busy to develop new models of the various series and to increase the exclusive quality of the luxurious mobile homes.

Atacama 4000

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Outback 5100

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Atacama 6000

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Temet 3600

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ACTION MOBIL with MAN certification

We are well aware of the great responsibility which comes with building expedition vehicles and thus offer you only the best quality with well-proven construction parts. The constant search for innovation and the continuous testing of materials is reflected in the price of the final product. For prospective buyers looking for a more economical version of an ACTION MOBILE expedition vehicle we are offering the “PURE” series. It goes without saying that we don’t economize on security and quality but only on a couple of dispensable equipment and accessories.

We are proud to report that our modifications and assembly works of the MAN chassis passed the rigorous and extensive series of tests at the MAN factory which are necessary to get the MAN certification.

Whether you are looking for a comfortable expedition vehicle with two, three or even four powered axles - we can make your dream come true. And if any technical problem should occur while you’re travelling in the outback you’ll be able to isolate it with the diagnostic system of the basis vehicle and then contact us via the on-board internet connection, satellite positioning system or installed satellite phone. We’ll immediately start the necessary support measures.

4x4 motor home in the desert Action Mobil Off-road-Vehicles at the Atlantic coast

Customer feedback

The satisfaction of our customers is always the measure of all things for us. All our models are made according to individual customer requirements! Here we let our customers have their say.


The Haeusgens

The Haeusgens, who are traveling with Aloisius, their Temet 5500, report on their adventures with the ACTION MOBIL.


Conny & Tommy (MANTOCO) have been on an exciting journey across Africa with their ACTION MOBIL "Manni" for six years.

Chantal et François

With the Action Mobil, we have already covered more than 20,000 km of routes in magical places like Morocco or South America!


Thank you for the perfect work - my first feeling from when I was with you for the first time did not leave me.

Current ACTION MOBIL news

News about ACTION MOBIL, events, new vehicles and much more ...

16 June 2022
ACTION MOBIL presents the new GLOBAL XRS 7400 at this year's CARAVAN SALON in Düsseldorf (Hall 5). ACTION MOBIL uses as basis a MAN - construction series TGS - with three axles. As usual at ACTION MOBIL, the vehicle disposes of all-wheel drive and is...
2040 Hits
26 July 2021
One of the most popular ACTION MOBIL series is now also available in combination with the Unimog. The Atacama 4000 is the smallest Atacama that ACTION MOBIL has manufactured so far. Constructed on a 231 HP Unimog U4023 chassis, this all-wheel motorho...
3855 Hits
31 January 2021
As early as 1984, the first original ACTION MOBIL with elevating roof was built in Austria. For well over 37 years, this type of cabin has been popular and has proved to be a great success on all kinds of world trips. Reasons for choosing a world-tri...
3683 Hits
28 October 2020

The Action Mobil-Trio PURE 4500 HB – and twice – ATACAMA 6000 on the way to the Arctic Circle.

3570 Hits
03 May 2020
The Global XRS 7400 Leopard is a extra-class luxury all-wheel drive motorhome. As one of the largest 3-axle models from ACTION MOBIL, the "Leopard" offers plenty of space and high-class equipment for all-wheel expeditions of all kinds. ACTION MOBIL u...
7129 Hits
19 March 2020
Named after the cheetah, the fastest mammal on earth, the Temet 5000 Cheetah combines power, elegance and speed - an exceptional all-wheel drive motorhome. The Action Mobil Temet series is one of the most popular models because it has a particularly ...
4198 Hits