Challenge 2017 - Damaraland - Namibia

The new video, produced by Otti Reitz, follows the ACTION MOBIL ATACAMA 6300 through the rough wilderness of the north-western part of Namibia: the isolated Damaraland. The expedition leads through the narrow Khowarib gorge, down the Ombonde river bed with its deep sand and "deep dust" passages and into the wonderfull "Little Serengeti".

Enjoy the Video:


The managing directors of Action Mobil Stephan Wirths and Daniela Reitz-Wirths, together with the company founders Stefanie and Otto Friedrich Reitz, have travelled throughout Namibia several times.

The ACTION MOBIL model  CONNEXION LP 3560 V was made available by a client and good friend. The vehicle was stationed for some years in Namibia and his owner has toured the country several times.

The chassis of the ACTION MOBIL is a MAN 10.224 LAEC 4x4 with 220 PS, Euro 2, part time four wheel drive. 1996 model.

The vehicle has driven over 280.000 km, mostly on gravel roads like for example Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Libya (Erg Idri, Mandara, Akakus), Mongolia and Silk Road, Namibia and the bordering countries in southern Africa.

The vehicle was serviced in MAN workshops in the above mentioned countries and the ACTION MOBIL cabin only required minor service works in Europe.  During the last 20 years only one battery exchange of the ACTION MOBIL body was necessary. The vehicle is in a superb condition and ready for new adventures.

A video showing a small extract of the travels in Namibia.