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You will come across ACTION MOBIL all-wheel motor homes and expedition vehicles with two powered axles almost all over the world.

The unusual names of some different ACTION MOBIL series originate from the exotic destinations chosen and visited by the owners during their travels. - ACTION MOBIL vehicles are touring the world.

The numbers behind the model names identify the respective length of the mounted ACTION MOBIL cabin.

Each ACTION MOBIL series has a particular floor layout. The different lengths of the cabin allow variations in furnishing and technical fitting. Any personal ideas for fitting and design of the ACTION MOBIL cabin will be realised whenever possible.

ACTION MOBIL cabins can generally be mounted onto all chassis with two axles and all-wheel drive. What counts in the end is the maximum recommended load. Of course it also depends on the kind of terrain in which you plan to travel with the vehicle. Experience has shown that chassis with a maximum vehicle load capacity of more than 7.5 tons are the most reasonable choice.