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ACTION MOBIL globe cruisers and expedition vehicles with three driven axles are to be found on almost all continents of our planet.

The names of the various ACTION MOBIL construction series may sound rather unfamiliar. They stand for places that the owners have chosen as out-of-the-way destinations on their travels.

The numbers following the model name define the length of each ACTION MOBIL cabin shown.

Each ACTION MOBIL construction series has an individual layout. The different length of the cabins provide the opportunity to vary the scope of fitting them with furniture and technical equipment.

We are happy to consider, as far as possible, individual wishes as to equipment and design of your ACTION MOBIL living-room cabin.

ACTION MOBIL globe cruisers with three driven axles are particularly suited for long-distance travels or also for a permanent stay in the motorhome. The interior furnishings cater for all needs during long travels and it goes without saying that they provide sufficient storage space for foodstuffs, clothes and technical equipment.