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TEMET 6700
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TEMET 6700 - an excellent choice for expeditions and world travel

The Temet 6700 is a 3-axle all-wheel drive expedition vehicle that ensures reliability and comfort even in the most remote areas of the world. Equipped with an excellent solar battery system, very large tanks for fuel and fresh water as well as a spacious fridge and freezer, this camper offers maximum comfort even in faraway places.

Mobility anywhere in the world

With the Temet 6700 ACTION MOBIL you can easily travel to any place in the world and spend days and nights there without having to rely on accommodation. It provides the freedom to stay in one place for as long as you like or move on spontaneously.

Comfort on your trip around the world

For many people, the greatest comfort when camping is the feeling of security that you only feel in your own "home". In the Temet 6700 you have everything you need on board: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom - everything you need for your off-road adventure.

Thanks to the large storage space in the rear of the vehicle and a payload capacity of up to 9 tons, travelers on expeditions or trips around the world can take along bulky equipment such as quad bikes or motorbikes. The Temet 6700 is also an extremely powerful and all-terrain all-wheel drive motorhome with up to 520 hp.

If you often travel off-road, you'll know how important it is to be prepared for unforeseen events. A little on-board workshop can be of enormous help in such cases. With the right tools and spare parts, you can carry out minor repairs and maintenance work yourself and are not dependent on expensive and time-consuming visits to the workshop.

Conclusion: With the TEMET from ACTION MOBIL and the right equipment, you can start your adventure stress-free! So think carefully about which vehicle suits you best and then put everything into action

ACTION MOBIL...the original!

Technical details: Temet 6700

Total length 8.800 mm
Body length 6.700 mm
Width 2.470 mm
Height 3.850 mm
Weight  ready-to-go 17 Tons
Payload 9 Tons
Performance 430-520 HP
Emission class with AdBlue shut off system (international suitability) on request
TEMET 6700

Water supply

Water / Tanks

  • Fresh water:  360 litres 
  • Waste water: 140 litres
  • Toilet tank:  65-90 Liter

Battery & Solar

Battery system & Solar system

  • Type of battery: Lithium
  • Capacity: 920 Ah @ 24V
  • Solar power: 1260 Watt
  • Inverter: 2 x 3,5 kW
  • Charger: 60A / 28V

Air condition

Air condition & heating system

  • Warm water heating system


Kitchen equipment

  • Fridge: customized by ACTION MOBIL, 1 x 175 litres or 2 x 175 litres
  • Freezer: customized by ACTION MOBIL, 1 x 150 litres
  • Gas oven Miele
  • Induction stove Miele


Further equipment

  • Garage for quad bike or motor bike#
  • Workshop
  • Soundsystem
  • etc


Temet 6700 Yukon Wolf

The Temet 6700 Yukon Wolf is a highly specialized expedition vehicle, currently used in gold prospecting and exploration in Canada. You can find pictures of this endeavor here.



Video: Yukon Wolf

ACTION MOBIL Temet 6700 Yukon Wolf arrives at the gold mine at California Creek. At the same time, the new season: GOLD RUSH ALASKA of DISCOVERY/DMAX was filmed. The video gives a little insight behind the scenes of gold panning in the Yukon Territory - Canada.



Gallery of an older Temet series vehicle - Temet 5600 Rallye Truck