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The expedition vehicles of the ATACAMA series from ACTION MOBIL are named after the Atacama salt desert in Chile. The Atacama Desert is known for its exceptional scenery and extreme aridity, making it a fascinating adventure travel destination. ACTION MOBIL has chosen the name to symbolize the robustness, functionality and versatility of their motorhomes, capable of withstanding the challenges of demanding trips.

The ATACAMA series is a popular type of cab for the company's world travel vehicles. This series is characterized by a functional and creative floor plan. A standout feature is the permanent double bed, located behind the seating area in the rear of the cabin. The sanitary rooms are located in the front part of the body. A well thought-out all-glass door system makes it possible to use the passageway to the driver's cab as a dressing room if required.

Flexibility, comfort and quality when traveling with the all-wheel drive motorhome

Despite the different cabin lengths on offer, the adapted floor plan of the ATACAMA series has been retained. With this flexibility, the available space can be optimally used and designed for longer cabins. This provides the possibility to adapt the expedition vehicle to your individual needs and preferences and to create a comfortable and practical living environment.

Another practical feature of the "ATACAMA" series is the storage space under the bed. Either a dust-tight motorcycle garage can be set up here or it can be used as storage space for bulky equipment.

It doesn't matter whether you are going for a long expedition or a short excursion: The "ATACAMA" expedition vehicles have been specially developed for travelers who appreciate comfort, quality, individuality and functionality on their long-distance and world trips.

From high-quality materials and smart use of space to modern amenities, the "ATACAMA" expedition vehicles offer a high level of comfort and quality.