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TEMMET 3600 Mini

NEW MODEL: Temet 3600

Compact expedition motorhome for the adventure off the beaten track




Pure 5000 Zetros

NEW MODEL: Pure 5000 Zetros

For the new Pure 5000, ACTION MOBIL combined for the first time one of most compact cabins (PURE) with a Mercedes ZETROS 1833 4x4




ATACAMA 7200 Arocs Mini

ATACAMA 7200 at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf

ACTION MOBIL ATACAMA 7200 on MB AROCS 6x6 chassis. A highlight at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf.




Action Mobil Bad Kissingen 2018

ACTION MOBIL at the Abenteuer Allrad (Adventure 4-Wheel) 2018

… was a successful event. Prospects and customers from all over the world came to the show. ACTION MOBIL was once again in the center of attention.




Mantoco Reisebericht Teil 2

MANTOCO - The adventure continues Part 2

Crossing Africa with a world travelers motor home (part 2) ... From Ghana to Angola




Mantoco Durch Afrika

Customer feedback from MANTOCO

... the great adventure - Since 4 years on the road in Africa with an ACTION MOBIL




Challenge 2017 Daramaland in Namibia

VIDEO: Challenge 2017 - Damaraland

The new video, produced by Otti Reitz, follows the ACTION MOBIL ATACAMA 6300 through the rough wilderness of the north-western part of Namibia: the isolated Damaraland.




AROCS in Action


The Atacama AROCS 5000 HD was the first 4x4 motor home that ACTION MOBIL built on a Mercedes AROCS chassis. The proud owner of the Atacama sent us some pictures of his dream 4x4 motor home in action.




2017 Christmas

Challenge 2017

… we have looked for new challenges: Dense bush, deep sand and extreme dust!





The new AROCS 4x4 HD

HIGH TECH BY ACTION MOBIL WITH A NEW FACE: A compact all-wheel motorhome for the big adventure


The company history of ACTION MOBIL

...this is how it all started

Looking for adventure in faraway countries has always been a dream cherished by a lot of people.

World-travelling motor home producer ACTION MOBIL - 35 years

More than 40 years ago, the couple Stefanie and Otfried Reitz also shared this dream and travelled through a number of countries in northern Europe and the north of Africa. Later on, the fascination of these long-distance trips and the job held at the time were to result in the foundation of ACTION MOBIL.

In the seventies Mr. and Ms. Reitz were running a full-service advertising agency with an own industrial photo- and film studio plus stage workshops in Saalfelden. Beside customers from the furniture industry, more and more companies, engaged in the fashion business, came to take an interest in the services of the company, which at the time was called FULL ACTION TEAM.

In the production of sport fashion catalogues, Mr. and Ms. Reitz wanted to leave the beaten track and therefore chose spectacular African landscape as a backdrop for their fashion shots. The idea met with the approval of the clients, however it was less popular with the models, most of them female, since working in the often dust filled areas was a lot more strenuous than posing for shootings in and around hotels or in a studio.

Being aware of these drawbacks, the company owners came up with the idea of designing an all-wheel motor home. The vehicle was to prove its worth in the off- road terrain of the Sahara, it was to provide shower and make-up facilities for the models, and a small kitchen for making coffee was another prerequisite.

Vehicles of this type were not being offered in Europe in those days. Therefore it was decided to build a customized cabin in the stage workshops of the advertising agency and to mount it to the chassis of a Chevrolet Blazer. It was already this very first prototype that garnered quite some attention on its trips through northern Africa. Further improved prototypes were to follow and it was not long before Africa freaks wanted to know by whom and where such vehicles were being constructed.

Construction tests with GF sandwich elements were started in co-operation with German manufacturers and this is how the first pick-up cabins on the chassis of a Land Rover originated. In Africa, the experience gained in tests was collected and gratefully taken up by the panel manufacturers in Germany. Reports first published in German caravan magazines created quite a stir. Something quite novel and unprecedented had caught people’s interest. Was this to be a market niche? So far the vehicles had been designed for use by Mr. and Ms. Reitz only.

In 1979, the couple decided to found the ACTION MOBIL Company. As early as 1984 the first ACTION MOBIL vehicle with a hydraulically operated rising roof was constructed. This was later on followed by the spectacular cabins mounted to the military chassis of the type MAN-KAT, which was presented in the print media worldwide. Only recently the apparently largest all-wheel motor home in the world was built for a customer from the Middle East.

Already in the year 1989 Stephan Wirths joined the ACTION MOBIL team. An industrial clerk by training and a specialist in the area of axles for commercial vehicles, he placed his skills and knowledge at the disposal of the company. During 10 years he studied the special field of all-wheel motor homes. In 1990 Mr. Wirths married the owner’s daughter, Daniela Reitz.The co-operation between Mr. Reitz and Stephan Wirths has been amicable and fruitful right from the start.

Otti and Steffi Reitz on retirement in AfricaOtti and Steffi Reitz on retirement in Africa

In the year 2000, Mr. and Ms. Reitz decided to hand over the company to the next generation, to Ms. Reitz-Wirths and Mr. Wirths. Although retired by now, Mr. Reitz still has close ties with the company and now mainly takes care of marketing issues and of designing and maintaining also this homepage. The personal style in dealing with customers and the intense after-sales service for buyers of an ACTION MOBIL cabin has been adopted also by the new Management and will for ever be the basis of a reliable business relationship. First and foremost it is the technical competence of the Management together with a team of hand-picked specialists that will guarantee the company’s high reputation.

2010 the huge step was taken and a new modern production plant became operational.

The ACTION MOBIL Company is seen as a provider of innovative ideas and again and again comes up with technical novelties that are gladly taken up by the competitors. The ACTION MOBIL team, however, is always proud of being first. To date some 250 ACTION MOBIL vehicles have left the workshops in Saalfelden and the ACTION MOBIL Team would be happy to also welcome you as their customer.

Take-over of  ACTION MOBIL by Stefan and DanielaTake-over of ACTION MOBIL by Stefan and Daniela