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The spectacular vehicle is not only overwhelming to look at, the technical details make it even more spectacular.

When a vehicle is deigned so individually, it is impossible to set exact delivery dates. As to costs for these adaptation works, they can only be invoiced according to the actual time invested.

This off-road motorhome is among the biggest all-wheel vehicles around the world so far. 600 HP under the bonnet drive the colossus, which is 3 m wide, 4 m high and 12 m long and is mounted on a MAN chassis, type: KAT 1 A/1 8x8. Originally, it was constructed for carrying missiles. Further key data: 2500 l fuel, 2400 l drinking water, 66 kg stored gas, on-board batteries with a storage capacity of 1000Ah. Total weight approx. 30 t.

Currently the expedition vehicle is making its way through the Arab desert. Its interior is remarkably furnished with oriental-style luxury for the living-room area. Thanks to two hydraulically driven lateral extensions, the living room can be made 5 metres wider. Leather and root veneer are the main elements dominating the living-room ambience. A separate, professional kitchen, where all the installation is made of stainless steel, and a walk-in refrigerating chamber are additional highlights of the interior.

Desert Challenger – four-axle expedition motor home