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ATACAMA 5000 HD expedition motor home

A new top-class, world-traveling motor home

The most important features of the ATACAMA 5000 HD: Advanced, compact, powerful. ACTION MOBIL explores new horizons and builds the ATACAMA with lifting roof onto the Mercedes AROCS.

The AROCS 4x4 base offers crucial advantages for the most compact ATACAMA in our collection. Due to its extremely stable and powerful chassis the AROCS is strong enough to carry a most compact lifting-roof fixture on only two axles.  Thus, the ATACAMA 5000 HD is most space saving and with its powerful 530 PS extremely manoeuvrable.

The bedroom of the ATACAMA 5000 HD is situated on the first floor above the kitchen and the bathroom. It is reachable via a spiral staircase which is found in the dining area at the back of the vehicle. The room needed above the loft bed is gained by extending the lifting-roof.

Thanks to the lifting roof (of course electrically extendable) the 4x4 motorhome safes about 2 metres of length, which allows to abstain from the third axle. On top of this comes the already very short short-wheel-base of the AROCS – the ATACAMA 5000 HD is consequently very manoeuvrable and thus also suitable for narrow and difficult terrain

Another advantage of the lifting-roof system is that during travelling when the roof is down, the glass windows are protected from sand blasting and other environmental damages.

As always, ACTION MOBIL only uses the most elegant material for the interior design and every little space inside as well as out is meticulously thought through and utilised.

The kitchen is equipped with an electronic oven and induction cooker as well as fridge and freezer both from our in-house production. The bathroom consists of a porcelain toilet and a designer shower.  A 450 litre tank of drinking water covers the need for kitchen and bathroom. Solar panels are fixed on top of the lifting roof, feeding a high-performance battery (540Ah @ 24V).  Air conditioning and floor heating offer all-round comfort even during extreme temperatures.  


Technical specifications: Atacama 5000 HD

Total length 7.620 mm
Body length 5.000 mm
Width 2.480 mm
Height 3.990 mm
Weight  ready-to-go 15.3 tons
Payload 2.7 tons
Performance 530 HP
Emission class with AdBlue shut off system (international suitability) 5
Atacama Arocs


Spacious Design

Powerful Chassis


Water supply

Water / Tanks

  • Fresh water:  1 x 400 litres
  • Waste water: 95 litres
  • Toilet tank:  80 litre

Battery & Solar

Battery system & Solar system

  • Type of battery: Lithium
  • Capacity: 540Ah @ 24V
  • Solar power: 1100 Watt
  • Inverter: 5.000 Watt cont.
  • Charger: 1

Air condition

Air condition & heating system

  • Heating system: waterheating system with floor heating unit.
  • Air condition: Power 2400 W


Kitchen equipment

  • Fridge: customized by ACTION MOBIL - 1 x 175 litres
  • Freezer: customized by ACTION MOBIL - 1 x 90 litres
  • Induction cooker: MIELE
  • Electronic oven


Further equipment

  • Table: Solid wood.
  • BOSE Soundsystem
  • Tracking system: worldwide via satelite
  • CTIS
  • Windows customized by ACTION MOBIL
  • Hydraulic motor bike lift: Suitable for 1 motorbike, spare wheel and 4 sand sheets



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