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Outback 5100

Brilliantly sophisticated, high-performing world-traveling motor home with elevating roof

ACTION MOBIL introduces a new 4x4 motorhome at the beginning of 2021, the Zetros Outback 5100. Its most important feature: sophisticated living concept, brilliant driving comfort, extreme resilience.

ACTION MOBIL has been building world-traveling motorhomes with elevating roofs since 1984; a very popular cabin type, which has proven its worth when traveling the world. The beginnings and history of this special cabin technique is documented in our Blog: Technology special – ACTION MOBIL elevating roof.

Here you see our newest model, the Zetros Outback 5100, with the enhancements of the elevating roof cabin form. The new "outback cabin" differs from other ACTION MOBIL cabins especially in its low construction height and the elevating roof, which protrudes over the lower body. This reduces the cabin weight and makes the all-wheel-drive motorhome more affordable. The result: A brilliantly sophisticated, high-performing ACTION MOBIL with a top price-performance ratio.

Technical specifications: OUTBACK 5100

Total length 8.410 mm
Body length 5.100 mm
Width 2.480 mm
Height 3.330 mm
Weight  ready-to-go 13.5 Tons
Payload 4.5 Tons
Performance 330 PS
Emission class with AdBlue shut off system (international suitability) 5
Outback 5100

ACTION MOBIL cabin on Mercedes Zetros

The Outback 5100 is only the second ACTION MOBIL (after the Pure 5000), which has been built onto a Mercedes Zetros. Mercedes builds the Zetros especially for the use in difficult terrain. It is used for example in the military, as earthquake vehicle or within the Technisches Hilfwerk (Agency for Technical Relief).  Apart from the superb riding quality also in extreme terrain the Zetros is characterized by low vehicle height and the strong 330 PS motor – perfect conditions for ACTION MOBIL.

..The principle of the Outback

The lower vehicle height makes the Outback 5100 less susceptible to side winds and most importantly safer in extreme sloping positions. The driving in uneven terrain is generally very comfortable as the pivoting motion is much less than in the higher cabins.  Another advantage of the elevation roof is that during driving, i.e. when the roof is lowered, the glass windows are covered and thus protected against sand blasting and other harmful environmental exposures. Furthermore, the elevating roof system offers an efficient protection against burglary, when the vehicle is left alone during shopping for example.

The elevating roof can be raised at a push of a button, the cabin interior then has a standing height of 2.3 meters, sufficient for even very tall adventurers. The entire interior and the four-seater seating area in the rear offer a comfortable ambiance. The raised 2- person bed behind the seating area has the size of 1 x 1.5 meters. Above is a window which can also be used as a roof hatch (star gazing).

The floor of the Outback 5100 consists of a special synthetic material with strip floor optics. Underneath is a floor heating system with separate heating cycles, which can be individually regulated for every room via an electronic switchboard. 

Behind the passenger cell in the front part of the Outback cabin is the kitchen which is made to taste (funky, classy, modern, traditional, cozy) from shipbuilding plywood, real wood veneer or Resopal. Stainless steel sink and granite worktop are as much a part of the kitchen features as the built-in wall cabinets and the 225 litres refrigerator (ACTION MOBIL in-house production – very low noise level and particularly insusceptible to sloping positions).

Opposite of the kitchen is the bathroom fitted with a granite shower floor. The Actionmobil possesses a 295l fresh water reservoir and an at least 140l large waste water tank.

The entire electrical power supply is generated by an 8 x 110 Watt solar module.


Water supply

Water / Tanks

  • Fresh water:  1 x 295 litres
  • Waste water: 140 litres

Battery & Solar

Battery system & Solar system

  • Type of battery: Lithium Ion 3 x 24V 200Ah
  • Solar power: 880 Watt
  • Inverter: 5000 Watt
  • Charger: 24V 60A - 115/230V

Air condition

Air condition & heating system

  • Heating system: waterheating system with floor heating unit.
  • Floor heating unit with separate circles


Kitchen equipment

  • Fridge: In-house construction / ACTION MOBIL - 1 x 225 Litres
  • Microwave oven:  V-ZUG


Further equipment

  • Bose WAVE Music System with SOUNDLINK
  • Tire pressure control system / CTIS
  • Window in-house construction / ACTION MOBIL
  • Alarm system