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ATACAMA 7200 Arocs

Atacama 7200 Arocs

28 September 2018

Good evening Mr. Wirths,

I say THANK YOU again for the perfect work and the beautiful result - my feeling from the time I first met you was absolutely correct. You took me seriously without being able to assess me. During the search phase you had a good feeling and recommended everything to me, which made sense and was feasible. With the color combination your wife made the perfect choice as well in my opinion.

Thank you also for your gifts. We will enjoy the Champaign when we are set up, enjoy the chocolates for dessert and eat cheese and sausages at sunset somewhere right out in the sticks.

I am sleeping in "Paul" today and I am looking forward to the feeling.

Greetings to your wife, you and the whole team.
Sincerely, Michl in luck

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Atacama 7200 Arocs