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ACTION MOBIL new vehicle: Globecruiser 5300

ACTION MOBIL new vehicle: Globecruiser 5300

The Globecruiser series, which is mostly used as a 3-axle model (total vehicle length around 9-10 meters) for the whole family, was built for the 5300 as a more compact 2-axle four-wheel drive mobile home for 2 people. The seating area in the front of the vehicle can be converted into a guest bed.

Compact, comfortable top-class 4x4 motorhome

In order to enable smooth off-road driving (after all a total weight of over 10 tons needs to be moved), the 5,300 mm long cab was built on a powerful MAN 6-cylinder turbo diesel with almost 7 liters displacement. The combination ACTION MOBIL and MAN has proven itself for decades. The Globecruiser 5300 has a 400 liter fuel tank and a 440 liter fresh water tank so that world travelers do not have supply problems even in extremely remote areas.

More information: Globecruiser 5300

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