Morocco Adventure 2019

Morocco Adventure 2019

Morocco Adventure 2019

Once again ACTION MOBIL organized a seminar trip with friends and fans of the company. In 2019 we travelled to Morocco. In addition to the pleasure of traveling in the ACTION MOBIL community there were also training and seminar programs on site in the Moroccan desert.

The following topics were focused on:

  • Control of the technical equipment and tools of the ACTION MOBIL off-road vehicles
  • Service on Action Mobil vehicles in theory and practice
  • Driving in the desert sand with reduced air pressure
  • Driving through narrow passages to get to know the dimensions of the vehicle
  • Driving at an incline
  • Tire change

After the training days, the evenings were spent together in the camp!

Please watch the video:

Temet 5000 Cheetah
The new Temet 3600

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