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Husky On Tour - Atacama 5600 on a world tour

Husky On Tour - Atacama 5600 on a world tour

The "HUSKY ON TOUR 2021-2033" expedition starts in June 2021 with the famous "Cape To Cape Tour" from the Norwegian North Cape to the southernmost point of Africa - the Cape of Good Hope. Including a stopover on Iceland in spring and summer 2022. The 70,000 km long first stage takes us in four years from Scandinavia via Iceland - Germany, Austria and the Balkans to the Middle East and further via the East African route to the southern tip of Africa.

Read the full trip report here: Husky on Tour

Fascination Scandinavia 2021

Thundering waterfalls, deep blue fjords, dramatic high mountain landscapes and picturesque spruce, birch and pine forests. Scandinavia simply serves all clichés as they are in the book. But isn't it the longing for these very impressions - for endless expanses, quiet solitude and untamed nature that let us travel to Scandinavia and immerse ourselves in a world of unbridled forces of nature and magical creativity. In the summer of 2021, Huskyontour had set itself the goal of feeling the powerful pulse of the northern countries Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway - even becoming one with it.

In just under four months and 17,753 km of travel, we were able to collect unforgettable impressions in our Action Mobile "Nanook" that exceeded all expectations many times over. Perhaps or precisely because the feeling of freedom - after another winter in Austria dominated by corona restrictions - was felt more intensely than ever in the liberal Scandinavian countries that rely on self-responsibility.

Read the full trip report here: German p


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